The Weapon


level 30 Gargantuan aberrant animate
HP: 1,100
AC: 45 Fort: 43 Ref: 41 Will: 43
Initiative: +25
Saving Throws: (+5)
Speed: 0
Action Points: 2

Impossible Gravity (aura 20)
Any enemy that starts its turn within the aura is pulled a number of squares depending on Chernobog’s current HP.
776-1,100: 1 square
551-775: 2 squares
226-550: 4 squares
1-225: 8 squares

Enemies don’t gain combat advantage by flanking Chernobog.

Rage of the Void
When Chernobog is bloodied, it gains an extra standard action.

MBA: Death of the Body (at-will)
Melee 4, +35 vs. AC, 3d8+15 damage, and the target is restrained until the end of Chernobog’s next turn.

Pain (at-will)
Effect: Chernobog uses “Death of The Body” three times, making each attack against a different target.

Death of the Soul (at-will)
Close burst 1 (enemies in burst at 0 HP or fewer), +33 vs. Fortitude, Allabar pulls the target into its space, the target dies, and “With all my might” recharges.

Entropy (recharge 5,6)
Close blast 5 (enemies in blast), +33 vs. Fortitude, 4d10+25 damage, the target is cursed (save ends). While the target is cursed, any ally of the target that ends its turn within 2 squares of the target takes 20 damage.

Unmaking (recharge when no enemy is affected by this power)
Melee 4, +33 vs. Fortitude, ongoing 20 damage (save ends).
First failed saving throw: The ongoing damage increases to 25.
Second failed saving throw: The target is weakened, insubstantial, and taking ongoing 25 damage (save ends all).
Third failed saving throw: The target drops to 0 HP.

“With all my might” (free, recharge see: Death of the Soul)
Trigger: Chernobog hits with “Pain.”
Effect: The attack deals 4d10 extra damage.

Perfect Weapon (immediate reaction, at-will)
Trigger: An enemy damages Chernobog.
Effect: The triggering enemy is dazed (save ends).

Equipment: Chernobog (+7 executioner’s axe, +7d20 crit)


A being of immense power and mystery. The threat of its release is the linchpin of Chaos’ reign.


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